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As the farthest inhabited island, Vis offers a unique combination of natural, cultural and historical beauty which have remained almost pristine to the present day.Situated in the very centre of the Adriatic, it falls among the Mediterranean type of island, with warm and dry summers and mild and wet winters.

It could be said of the island that it�s the cradle of life on the Adriatic islands, given that the first signs of urban life on Vis date back to the IVth century BC.

The legacy of these times is still alive today. In the town you can see remains of both Greek and Roman civilisations, while in the museum of the town of Vis you can bear witness to the development of the island all the way to the present day which will impel you to a deeper research of the historical events which took place on this island. Aside from the town of Vis, some time later the picturesque fishing locality Komi�a emerged, which with its fishing museum and old fort reminds one of long forgotten fishing skills.

The island abounds with rich flora and fauna, among which grapevines dominate and from which the well known wine variety Vugava is made which dates back to the IInd century before Christ when Agatarhid from Knid wrote that Issa wine is the best in the world. In the centre of the town, among the centuries old palm trees, you will also find the silver palm tree which is unique in Europe.

The underwater world, as well as its coast is interlaced with hidden coves and sea caves, of which of course the most well known is the Modra �pilja (Blue cave) on the island of Bi�evo.You will truly be convinced of these and many other beautiful and interesting aspects of Vis if you come and see for yourself by visiting the island on which it�s as if time is standing still.

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